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Storytelling Asian Wedding Photography

Welcome to Khush Studios. With more than 20 years experience and 2800 wedding photos, we capture timeless moments through our lens. We are enthusiastic Asian photographers at Khush Studio, dedicated to preserving the rich cultural legacy of Asian weddings.Regardless of the religion, we cover Indian, Sikh and Muslim weddings that are a cultural representation of the bond between two families

hindu couple first kiss after mandap ceremony
newly wedded wife standing on brick stairs, hopelessly staring into the photographers camera
hopelessly devoted couple smiling after their Anand karaj, posing infront of the photographer
deeply loving partners expressing their love after an anand karaj in london. capturing all their potent emotions
Newly wedded life partners sharing their first intimate moment together in Manchester  captured by an camera specialist.
Photographed by a camera professional, newlyweds enjoying their first private moment together in Ealing
utterly dedicated couple grinning following their Anand karaj and posing for the camera
sun kissed wife patiently waiting for her pati after her life long Vivāha
Escentric newly wed finishing her Vivāha portraying an outburst of emotions towards the photographers camera
Newly wed expressing their potent emotions through close intimacy, Photographer capturing their timeless moment

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View some of our best works, from final makeup checks to dupatta settings and to capturing the perfect natural light to enhance your entire look. Find some of our finest and most curated selection of work at Khush Studio.



Beautiful Sikh woman adjusting her expensive silver nose ring.

Working with Issa was a fantastic experience. His friendly approach immediately put me at ease, a real plus as I'm usually camera-shy. He was not only a great listener, incorporating my ideas seamlessly, but also a skilled photographer who made the entire session enjoyable. Issa’s ability to blend professionalism with a personal touch is outstanding. I highly recommend him - he's a genuine 10 out of 10, making every moment in front of the camera a delight."


Khush Studio Behind The Lens

Established and based in Birmingham in 2002, we have captured numerous stories through our lens. Our work speaks for itself, as Khush Studio has excellent experience covering Asian weddings. They aren't just pictures but priceless memories that reflect the sacred union of life, connection, joy and friendship.

In the realm of photography, you have the privilege of sharing a captured moment with others.

(Issa Haque)

Luxurious Meets Excellence

At Khush Studio, we turn your special moments into elegant stories. Our tailored packages capture the beauty and emotion of your day, creating timeless memories. Let us bring sophistication and artistry to celebrating your unique story.

A Heartfelt Note From Our Asian Wedding Photographers

Starting Khush Studio has been like opening a new chapter in my life, one that's brought me closer to so many wonderful couples. It’s been more than just taking photos; it’s been about listening to their stories, understanding their dreams, and then bringing those dreams to life. I’ve felt honored every time a bride has shared her hopes for her big day with us, trusting us to capture every moment with care and love. And I’m proud to say, we’ve lived up to that trust, every single time.

Our work has taken us on adventures all around the world, from the sun-kissed beaches of Dubai to the historic streets of Italy. At each destination, Khush Studio hasn’t just taken photos; we’ve captured emotions, stories, and moments that are as unique as the couples themselves. But what makes me smile the most isn’t just the places we’ve been; it’s the moments when we’ve gone beyond being photographers. Whether it’s been wiping away a tear or sharing a laugh, we’ve stood by our brides, making sure they feel as beautiful and confident as they truly are.

Owning Khush Studio, for me, has been about creating a family of clients, colleagues, and friends who share in the joy of celebrating love. Every story we’ve been part of tells its own tale of laughter, joy, and sometimes tears, but above all, it tells a tale of love. And that, to me, is what makes this journey so incredibly special.