Memories to be cherished

In the heart of my photographic journey, I wholeheartedly dedicate myself to capturing the profound beauty intrinsic to weddings, extending my lens across the cultural tapestry of celebrations in the United Kingdom and beyond.

My lens is a vessel for emotions, recognised for its ability to breathe life into the moments of Indian, Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim weddings.

Khushstudio, my cherished brand, is more than a name, it embodies a commitment to excellence and authenticity. I don't merely snap pictures,

I delicately craft a visual saga, etching the unparalleled beauty and deep significance of your once-in-a-lifetime Asian wedding day with the emotional resonance it deserves.

hindu couple first kiss after mandap ceremony
newly wedded wife standing on brick stairs, hopelessly staring into the photographers camera
hopelessly devoted couple smiling after their Anand karaj, posing infront of the photographer
Chemically combined partners expressing their love after an anand karaj in london. capturing all their potent emotions
Newly wedded life partners sharing their first intimate moment together in Manchester  captured by an camera specialist.
Photographed by a camera professional, newlyweds enjoying their first private moment together in Ealing
utterly dedicated couple grinning following their Anand karaj and posing for the camera
sun kissed wife patiently waiting for her pati after her life long Vivāha
Escentric newly wed finishing her Vivāha portraying an outburst of emotions towards the photographers camera
Newly wed expressing their potent emotions through close intimacy, Photographer capturing their timeless moment

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Stunning asian bride ready to take her wedding photoshoot looking gorgeous for the camera

Working with Issa was a fantastic experience. His friendly approach immediately put me at ease, a real plus as I'm usually camera-shy. He was not only a great listener, incorporating my ideas seamlessly, but also a skilled photographer who made the entire session enjoyable. Issa’s ability to blend professionalism with a personal touch is outstanding. I highly recommend him - he's a genuine 10 out of 10, making every moment in front of the camera a delight."


In the realm of photography, you have the privilege of sharing a captured moment with others.

(Issa Haque)